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Project Quarantine

Finding ourself suddenly confined at home alone can be a blessing for many whilst it can be fairly disturbing experience for others. In the course of recent events, many have found themselves in total isolation, with an unclear vision of the future and a hazy prospect of  seeing those they want to spend time with.  Everything in the outside world  has slowed down..but somehow it feels like time has sped up once abandoning the so familiar timetable one was used to follow often mindlessly up until then. From one day to the other, most have lost the convenience of every day’s possibilities to get hold of anything almost instantly, and the reliance on the physical presence of others...not only to comfort their emotional needs but also to satisfy the need for entertainment.

For this project, I asked my friends to donate a few pieces that they were disposing of; perhaps because they were dysfunctional, or they had no use for them; I then worked with these objects solely in the mundane, domestic environment.

I wanted to create images without the urgency to buy or outsource anything new, and to prove to others as much as to myself that you can be creative and entertained not only with minimum stimuli, but also with the seemingly uninteresting, unimportant and rejected. To construct unexpected beauty, and invent from the absurd.

The idea was to give these items; carrying reminders of their previous owners; a second life through the process of creating new situations in limited space, with limited resources, whilst reflecting on the nature of humanity’s ability to adjust.